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SalvationDATA will attend Cross-Strait Police Equipment Exhibition

SalvationDATA will attend Cross-Strait Police Equipment Exhibition

The 5th Cross-Strait Police & Anti-Terrorism Equipment Exhibition will be held at Fujian Strait International Conference & Exhibition Center, which is expected to attract lots of product and service providers to come. SalvationDATA as a leading forensic data recovery company, will surely take part in this trade fair, and showcase its state-of-the-art data recovery equipments.

these days, worldwide terrorism and crime’s frequent occurrence, with growing concealment, suddenness, and harmfulness, put higher demand on cities security and protection, especially those with particular geographic. Computer forensic, the most fundamental, crucial approach when it comes to evidence obtaining in this information age, has drew much attention from public security bureau, e.g. forensic data recovery equipments have become the must-have for these authority.

Due to this kind of particular demand, SalvationData, a data recovery industry products and solutions provider, has been focusing on forensic data recovery for over 10 years, introduced a series of easy-to-use data recovery products with great capability and security into this high-flying industry.
these data recovery equipments, designed and made by SalvationDATA are all Military Grade, all have received certificates from the PLA Information Security Evaluation and Certification Center and from State Secret Bureau, are best sellers in forensic data recovery field, have been widely employed by police authority and judicial systems of over 120 countries and regions.

Products SalvationDATA plans to showcase includes, HD Doctor, Data Compass, Flash Doctor, Data Copy King, iPhone data recovery software, SDII-9000, etc. By using these products, police authorities can make evidence obtaining process much easier and more effective.

Strait Police Equipment Exhibition, which will be co-hosted by technological committee of public security ministry and Fujian public security department, aims at providing a platform for communication, technical exchange, and business talks.

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