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Four Clients Participated In SalvationDATA Two-Day Free Training

Four clients from two countries, Norway and Philippine came to SalvationDATA head quarter Chengdu to take a free data recovery training last week.

The 2-day training aims to lead more people who are interested in data recovery to this industry.

In the first-day training,SD technician showed them some basic knowledge.Such as the components of hard disk, the definition of ATA,LBA, P-list,G-list and their functions, the history, present and future of data recovery industry.

Then SD technician shared some cases with them. For example, if PCB was broken, how to make hard disk work?You needed to change a new PCB at first and then use SalvationDATA HD Doctor to regenerate a same rom to match it.Then you can do data recovery jobs. Like one of the trainees said, people who knew less about data recovery should master the procedure and do a step-by-step job.

The send day training will start with HD Doctor for Hitachi and Flash Doctor. Trainees can do it by themselves which can help them gain more experience quickly.
SalvationDATA is willing to help more freshmen to step into data recovery industry.If you want to know more information about SalvationDATA two-day free data recovery training, don’t hesitate for contacting them, just click below link

Besides, SalvationDATA will attend CeBIT May 22-24 in Sydney. We will showcase our new product-SDII9000 and IPhone forensic software. Meanwhile, you can enjoy our product head toolkit discount.

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