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Fortune 500 Enterprise Data Recovery Solutions

We know what you do

In the wake of industry website’s on-line, many industrial customers have consulted with SalvationDATA about the data recovery (DR) and data loss prevention (DLP) products and solutions in succession. And compared to the needs of customers from the Government, Military and Department of Justice etc, the focus that Fortune 500 companies put on the information security will be integrated into their operations more often.

Take companies which engage in information technology or provide IT solutions for instance, they supply comprehensive services and efficient solutions such as Application, Cloud Computing, Credit Services, Cyber security, Enterprise Solutions, Finance Transformation, Hosting, Infrastructure, Legal Solutions, Managed Network Services, Management Consulting, Outsourcing, Risk Management, Service-Oriented Architecture, Supply Chain Management, Testing Services etc, for all types of large / medium corporations and agencies mentioned above including Enterprises, Health Services, Public Sector, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Technology & Consumer etc.

We know what you concern about


Fortune 500 companies generate mass data every day. Whether it is financial, human resources, logistics, R & D, production, sales, inventory etc, and these data are extremely critical and important. They can hardly suffer data loss or leakage because it may lead to the incredible damage of company reputation, immeasurable risks of losing its property and firm’s status.


Push forward of Network Data Security and Enterprise Electronic Management Process. This involves the entire enterprise’s data security, data backup, data transfer, destruction, the maintenance and management of storage devices such as computers, laptops, servers, mobile hard disk, and flash disk drives. Some large firms have their own set of DLP solutions based on software backup, terminal control and network protection first. It is though, lack of offline data backup, data wiping/erasing and hardware-level data recovery and management. Some information security solutions include the encryption section on the hard disk drives to prevent data leakage and loss, which is complementary for SalvationDATA’s solution in password removal.


For enterprises which engage in information technology or provide IT solutions, it’s less possibility to be skilled experts in every aspect due to wide regions of their business scope and comprehensive solutions they supply. Therefore, they desire to seek advanced & professional solutions to enrich own technology strength whilst finding online & offline equipment, solution and service providers to establish the cooperation relationship, namely, as their upstream buyers. That’s part of company expansion and business area’s stability.

Regarding this, SalvationDATA propose this particular plan, SalvationDATA’s Hardware-Level One-Stop Data Security Solution and Data Recovery Lab Setup Program, aiming to aid Fortune 500 companies in their current potential problems, and break the bottlenecks to keep on optimizing own business plans. It is for both of us to meet the new round of challenges and opportunities.

It contains

  • Data copy, wiping, recovery, extraction from hard disk drives, servers, flash memory, cellphone etc;
  • Overall and integrated solutions for clean room establishment, physical layer recovery, data loss prevention, portable on-site solution, offline backup etc;
  • Training program in several methods: head quarter training, online training and assignment training.

Fortune 500 company successful case

Client: SAIC
Key elements: 3+1 Data Recovery Flow, Data Loss Prevention, In-house Data Recovery Lab, Data Security Center, Large Corporations & Enterprises

Situation:As a business tycoon, SAIC operates well in many fields such as National Security, Energy & Environment and Health etc. Their business scope ranges from technology, products to services, include customers from government, public sectors and commercials. As one of world’s top 500, SAIC’s supplies solutions which can definitely satisfy users in various professional domains, no matter Criminal Justice, Cyber security or Enterprise Application Services.

Since they gradually realize the potential security problem of their numerous data, in a bid to enhance internal construction, and for the purpose of stably expanding its market share in near future, SAIC decided to procure a range of data loss prevention solutions to stick up for the continuous operation.

Being world’s leading data recovery equipment manufacture and data loss prevention solution provider, SalvationDATA is one expert in solving SAIC’s potential crisis and breaking up their bottle neck.

The customized Data Loss Prevention for Data Center and Large Corporations & Enterprises is highly practically applicable regarding SAIC’s case.

SalvationDATA advises SAIC to choose their products 3+1 Data Recovery Flow, namely Data Compass, HD Doctor and HD HPE PRO. A clean room, the basic foundation when coping with heavy physical damages, is recommended along with HD HPE PRO. Data Compass plus HD Doctor Suite can handle almost subsequent hard disk drive problems after system crash or unexpected human errors. Recovering, backing up and erasing crucial data on damaged storage media, Data Copy King would be great help on account of its powerful copying and wiping function under read-write protection.

So far, SAIC have already put the equipment into practice in daily operation.


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