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SalvationDATA Releases Now Its Doing and To-do List

SalvationDATA has and will never stop listening to the market and customers. We have two focuses:

Focus 1: Improvement on Existing data recovery technologies & tools to maintain and develop customers’ interests and success;
Focus 2: According to the market and new customers’ requests and needs, we develop new data recovery technologies & tools.

Doings & To-do lists:
1, Video training materials & case studies;
2, User Manual improvement and update;
3, Head Comb Suite(available to order now);
4, WD Doctor Upgrade/Seagate/Toshiba/Fujitsu Doctor Upgrade;
5, Data Compass Upgrade;
6, Flash drives automatic recovery;
7, Encrypted flash drive data recovery technology;
8, Network Tracing Forensic software;
9, iPhone forensic recovery software;
10, SDII-9000 Server Recovery Equipment;
11, USB3.0 data recovery equipment;
12, SSD data recovery equipment;
13, Advanced encryption data recovery solution;
14, Observing & and studying cloud computing;
15, We are soon offering the world advanced hard drive data recovery training, flash drive and ssd data recovery training and clean room data recovery training;
16, We will provide one-stop data recovery solutions for all specific needs.

SalvationDATA has invested over 5 million USD in this new office building and manufacturing base located in Neijiang, another city nearby Chengdu totaling occupation area of 4k sq.m and floorage of 8.6k sq.m. We will manufacture more high-precision & customized data recovery equipment and other related tools.

Besides we will provide OEM & sub-contract manufacturing services. We welcome new interest of investment from customers, partners & all other businesses worldwide.

More details please email to: [email protected]


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