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Pirated SalvationDATA Tools Providers Are Revealed Here

SalvationDATA face again the attack from those pirated SD tools suppliers this week.

We have received report and feedback from our customers that they have got some ‘Good’ offers from some special channels with better price! How special these offers are? They are special because they use inferior raw materials, lame technologies or they are raw themselves, they are good at using our company name and product name illegally. So you can understand the meaning of the good offer now!

We are here kindly requesting all SalvationDATA customers and friends to be careful with these super pirated ‘heroes’ and we are seriously informing all that we won’t provide any technique support or upgrade to any fake SD tools that were purchased from inofficial sales channels of SalvationDATA. These ‘heroes’ hurt not only our customers by cheating on their money and destroying their business, but also hurt our good international reputation in data recovery field.

We are here revealing those illegal and immoral sales channels of any SalvationDATA data recovery tools:

Shenzhen Drivestar Electronics Limited
Huaqiang Electronics World, Futian Shenzhen
Phone: 86-755-83019869
Fax: 86-755-22234911

Michael Green
Please check the screenshot here for details of this channel:


Donor Drives LLC
Tool: Hard Drive Platter Swap, Removal, Exchange Tool for 3.5" and 2.5"
Item SKU: T3
Tel: 1.800.733.0978
Address:261 Alpha Park,Cleveland, OH 44143, United States


Above three channels are both selling fake HD HPE PRO to customers, please watch them!

SalvationDATA is becoming now the leading data recovery tools and solutions provider worldwide with its rapid increasing sales of all the originally manufactured products including HD HPE PRO, HD Doctor Suite (including HD Doctor for Seagate, HD Doctor for Maxtor, HD Doctor for Western Digital, HD Doctor for Samsung, HD Doctor for Hitachi, HD Doctor for Toshiba/Fujitsu), Data Compass, Flash Doctor, File Extractor, Data Copy King, Source Data Safe Guard and USB-IDE adapter.

Besides above products, please be also aware of our official sales channels here:

In order to help and assist all SalvationDATA customers to use our official and authorized products for data recovery business success, we decide to introduce legal safeguards against those inoffical sales channels who sell fake SD tools and give 50USD coupon for each report of new inofficial SD tools sales channel. Customers who give us the report can buy any of our tools using the coupon except when we are having some promotions in some holidays.

SalvationDATA Team

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