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SalvationDATA HDD Repair Tools-HD Doctor for Toshiba and Fujitsu Came Up To All Concerned

To meet the market demanding, the long expected HDD repair tool--HD Doctor for Toshiba and Fujitsu released today. This HDD repair tool combines the hard drive technologies of Toshiba and Fujitsu into one device. At the same time this HDD repair tool supports all Toshiba and Fujitsu hard drives in the market. For Fujitsu MHV and new series of drives, HD doctor for Toshiba and Fujitsu Is able to read and write firmware while no other HDD repair tools can. This HDD repair tool has the same USB interface design providing customers with great convenience in the use of this HDD repair tool, it is a helping handy tool in your HDD repair lab or data recovery lad to fix most of your cases with competitive success rate.

In the HDD repair tool software installation package there are two programs individually for Toshiba and Fujitsu. Figure 1 , 2 and 3 are screen shot from Fujitsu program.
hdd repair tools
Figure 1
hdd repair tools
Figure 2

SalvationDATA HDD repair tools HD Doctor for Toshiba and Fujitsu supports the vast majority of Toshiba and Fujitsu hard drives in the market, currently can deal with the failures below:
Data loss caused by firmware failure/Clear the hard drive password /Hard drive ATA password operation/Firmware module read/Firmware module write/Repair damaged firmware/Repair missed firmware/Hard drive reconstruction /Hard drive Low format/Completely cleared /Data scan /Modify the LBA value/Reset SMART /G-list processing/P-list processing/Modify the serial number/Command mode/ROM read and write/Head disabling
hdd repair tools
In the program, users have an option to store firmware in local directory or in database. To
Store in database, users need to install database program "Firebird-" first. To store firmware in local directory, users need to copy "XLYDB.GDB" file from folder named Database to program folder. However, if users have used database before and stored firmware in database, please do not copy only that "XLYDB.GDB" to Database folder. Instead, you should use the native "XLYDB.GDB" file. Otherwise, all data in database will be overwritten.

Any comments or suggestions from our users are welcome and appreciated, it is necessary for us to improve our HDD repair tools for Toshiba and Fujitsu hard drives

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