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Pirated HPE PRO and HD Doctor for WD will destroy your data

Since SalvationDATA released HD HPE PRO and HD Doctor for WD, these two hdd repair tools are very popular with customers worldwide! HD HPE PRO is one hard drive repair tool for both head replacement and platter swap while HD Doctor for WD is designed as one firmware hdd repair tool. HD Doctor for WD is burning hot in Egypt as 90% of the hard drives used in Egypt are WD drives.

hdd repair tools                 hdd repair tools

Recently SalvationDATA receive feedbacks from our customers that they can buy HD HPE PRO or HD Doctor for WD from some 'special channels' with much lower prices!

SalvationDATA hereby certifies that all those(HD HPE PRO or HD Doctor for WD) bought from unofficial channels belong to pirated versions or obsolete versions and SalvationDATA will refuse to give any support, refuse to upgrade to forum VIP account and will not be responsible for any permanent data loss due to the use of such versions. 

Those 'Pirate heroes' may copy our pictures or product design, but they will never understand that one micron error of the platter exchangers of official HD HPE PRO will cause your data to lose permanently and one false script inside the HD doctor for WD will damage your firmware modules. What's more, 'Pirate heroes' are like ghosts, you will never see the real faces of them, your hdd repair tools from them and you hang in the air!

We must emphasize that Data recovery business is one serious business, you must learn to respect your customers, customers' data and yourself. SalvationDATA will soon release more upgrade for all our data recovery and HDD repair tools including the HD HPE PRO and HD Doctor for WD and we welcome your email by info[at]

The following are the only official Channels to buy SalvationDATA hdd repair and data recovery tools with full support and guarantee:

SalvationDATA head sales office in Chengdu, China
SalvationDATA worldwide resellers found here

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