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Professional class data recovery tool Data Compass v7.4 beta test has started

As a high-end product of SalvationDATA Technology data recovery product line, Data Compass has received a good industrial reputation from professionals and data recovery companies all over the world. To make sure the users of Data Compass maintain their leadership in data recovery service field, we keep improving the product functions and operational effects all the time. Today in November 8 2009, in less than one month, right after the previous version we release the v7.4 for beta test, and give it to the end users as soon as possible to bring huge profit to the customers with rapid and latest technologies.

Updated Function: Reset power when error occurs.

According to standard ATA protocol, BSY bit of status register will be set to "1" (active) to tell the host that HDD can't process any ATA command when HDD gets stuck. In such case, Data Compass can issue a soft reset, hard reset or power reset command to HDD and bring it to the status of DRD. During our data recovery job, we found that some portion of HDD especially some Barracuda 7200.11 and 7200.12 do not obey such ATA protocol most of the time: The BSY bit will not be set to be "1" even when HDD gets stuck; instead, the status register will still be ‘ready’. Thus, Data Compass can not monitor this and will continue to read but off course all the content will be "4040" as HDD gets stuck. In version 7.4, such kind of situation has been taken into consideration: Once you select the option of “Reset power when error occurs", the program will check the read content. If the content turns out to be all "4040", the program knows the HDD gets stuck (even though the status register reports ‘Ready’) and will reset the power to bring HDD to readiness, therefore the data in the rest of the sectors can be read properly.

Taking the persistent policy of free upgrade for SalvationDATA data recovery tools, this new version will be provided to customers worldwide totally free of charge. Please contact your sales representative directly for receiving the beta test version.

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