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Newly released version 3.50 HD Doctor for WD

Dear Customers,

Today we released an update on HD Doctor for WD with new support list and new features plus bug fix; please read on to find out more information about the latest version.

Registered users of the client forum can download this update from “latest software” forum (you need to login to your account first).

We will release case studies demonstrating new feature appended in a later time, please keep an eye on our website.

Update Date: 2009-8-17
Update Version: 3.50

Update Feature

1. Add support for new series Black II SATA-III (refer to the following picture for identification). Supporting features include firmware reading/recording, firmware scan, surface scan etc. However, the features like head disabling, ROM reading/recording and selftest etc haven’t been fully tested. Therefore, be cautious to use them.

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2. Add the feature to search matching ATA within the database automatically. Users can use the feature to search matching ATA with patient drive in database and output the result.

Data recovery tools

Bug Fixed

In old version, sector data in cache would not be refurbished when users try to access a damaged module. This bug has been repaired in version 3.5.

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