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New version of HD Doctor Suite (Windows) released!

The new version 3.42 HD Doctor for WD

------ Update Log for v3.42 ------
Date: 2009-3-4
Current Version: 3.42

1. In version 3.4, when saving firmware backup, the contents of the "Track" read from the same drive will be different in the case, when the drive was loaded from different resources: Load from HDD or Load from File. The bug has been fixed in current version.

2. In version 3.4, the output directory of the firmware database was limited to the program installation folder. The bug has been fixed in current version. Output directory can be defined without limit now.

3. Feature of Firmware Module Reallocation (module deflection) for Black I HDD was appended. This feature allows users to get rid of the physical bad sectors in SA and rebuild specific modules on spare sectors.

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