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Italian Data Recovery Training Will Be Held from 9th to 12th March in Pordenone, Italy

SalvationDATA Training InstitutionFrom 9th to 12th March, MICRO MANAGEMENT SRL, authorized Italian and Spanish training institution and support center of SalvationDATA will hold the first training about data recovery techniques and SalvationDATA products.

This will be a training designed for skilled people in data recovery and hard disk repair or people who have certain experience with SalvationDATA tools (please keep an eye on our next training designed for the beginners coming). Besides being an audience, professionals with unique sense on data recovery field are offered a chance to share with each other face to face.

The detailed schedule of the training:
Date: From 9th March to 12th March, 2009
Place: Viale Europa 13 Z.I. Casut 33070 Brugnera (PN), Italy

Time Frame:
09:00--12:00 training time,
12:00--14:00 lunch time (provided by MICRO MANAGEMENT SRL)
14:00--17:00 training time

Training outline:
1st day: Base knowledge about hdd structure, file system, firmware pcb and how to prepare for diagnose;
2nd day morning: Cloning and data extracting techniques, Data Compass applications;
2nd day afternoon: Maxtor HDD troubleshooting and HD Doctor for Maxtor applications;
3rd day morning: WD HDD troubleshooting and HD Doctor for WD applications;
3rd day afternoon: Seagate HDD troubleshooting, HD Doctor for Seagate applications;
4th day morning: Hitachi HDD troubleshooting, HD Doctor for Hitachi applications;
4th day afternoon: Head and platter Exchange operations, New HPE SP applications.

Remarks: AT the end of each session there will be time arranged for Q&A and SalvationDATA prodcuts hands on.

For more details about this training please feel free to call us at:
Tel: (+86) 28 68599759

Also you can directly contact our training institution by the following information:
Contact Person: Luca Marella
Tel: +39(0)434 627 897
Email: /

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