How to deal common issues of ST U6 series[Public Forum]

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How to deal common issues of ST U6 series[Public Forum]

New postby xdata » Wed Aug 18, 2010 2:13 am

1. There are two kinds of CERT-ROM for U6 hard drives, which individually respond to two series of FW:

3.39(3.39 3.99 5.33 5.46 4.65 3.19 3.64)

3.33(3.34 3.60 3.31 3.33)

CERT-ROM means to perform ROM repair in factory-level mode when users is about to perform selfscan in Seagate HDD doctor program.

AT-ROM is opposite to CERT-ROM, it means to perform ROM operation in normal working status.

2. Judging head number corresponding to series number of Seagate U6

FG: 1 head;

FB: 2 heads;

EX: 3 heads;

GC: 4 heads

3. The success rate of selfscan for ST U6 kind of depends on the PCB: PCBs with large main chip and small control chip have high success rate.

Note that before performing selfscan, you would better first to run I,,22 command order, which can help you repair some errors in firmware area and solve some malfunctions from head. After finishing it, you have to update the 0B model. After finishing the command orders, the program will report error in normal working status, however it will be okay after updating the 02 model. On the other hand, 08 and 0C model will also lost once finishing I,,22 command orders! If finally showing AGE=10 in terminal mode, it means the I,,22 command order worked, if AGE=4F, it means there is something wrong of the firmware area or heads.

4. Usually the selfscan for U6 will lead to the undetectable of the hdd; you may run N30(rebuild p-list) in normal working status, if it didn’t work, you may try NO 5 model(p list) or NO 7 model(related to p-list)

5. U6 hdd can be detected in COM port but not in ATA port: it is commonly the a result of the HDD working in 60-level, the trouble-shooting command order is: E50 T50

6. Command orders fro U series:

Clear P-list: 1>N4

Reset SMART: 1>N4 1>N1

Clear SMART: 1>N1

Head test: E1E T5

7. Search for U series HDD: Ctrl+R

8. Disabling head for U6: YE0 E50 T5 T50

T5 refers to adjusting head

T50 refers to put the adjustment in effect.

9. MHDD erasing will make the read-slow u6 hard drive work properly.
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Re: How to deal with most common issues of ST U6 series

New postby mdarwish » Wed Aug 18, 2010 5:09 am

Informative. Thanks for sharing.
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