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Time=Life & Death



Do Not let your time flow!



Q: Why time is a fatal factor?

A: Conditions change quickly. A choice determines a company’s survival and development.


Do Not exhaust your energy by nagging troubles!



Q: Why choose SalvationDATA?

A: Our products have proved working professionally through multiple times of test and experiment by our professional engineers. We are expertise.


Do Not make your clients hesitate!



Q: What can SalvationDATA do?

A: We can train you, guide you and provide marketing materials for you.







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Improve DR Success Rate & Expand Now!


To survive on the Data Recovery market where is full of fierce competition and changeable factors, most data recovery service companies came to realize the significance of expanding more competitive product systems and chasing more considerate service based on stably standing on existing business coupled with self advantages. Compared to the fresh-man who mostly concentrates on the way of manipulating tools, people who are already into the side of field lovingly invest their energy to handle complicated data recovery cases. They focus on the success rate and efficiency with a view to optimizing professional level and providing high grade service for large-scale end users. As a rule, expertise leads more profits.

  SalvationDATA prepares this package for you expanding your data recovery business, let's start!

Success Rate Means Leadership!

Hierarchy Upgrading---01     Covering Expansion---02  
The equipment we supply can satisfy your data recovery business upgrading layer upon layer. Usually logical troubles can be settled by software. Therefore it is limited to tiny covering space with a short competitive edge due to its simple operation. Expanding successful cases is based on the complicated solution regarding to firmware or physical data recovery. Upgrading business hierarchy ensures your success rate.     The device we provide can meet the demand of data recovery for almost storages on the current market. Hard disk, flash memory, pen drive, or server even, you can enlarge the existing business scope to more competitive projects. Meanwhile our products may assist you enrich your solutions besides data recovery moreover as computer forensics, sensitive data protection etc.  
Superiority Complement---03     Product Upgrading---04  
Maybe you’ve already owned a sort of data recovery tools from other suppliers and run your business well. We suggest you extend the product system to be full-rigged as a result of profit oriented. Adopt more solutions to complete business scope and make yourself outstanding & invincible.     We constantly upgrade products better than any other existing equipment providers in the industry. Our Clients who owned our products will benefit new functions and models for free. We are detailed oriented providers who care about any details that may aid in your business.  
Online Training---05     Integrated Solutions---06  
We supply training online as well. You can apply on our official website and our high-level engineers will connect you and assist your professional service. During years of practical experience and in-depth technical knowledge in data recovery industry, we would like to share this valuable experience with enterprises. Ingenious skills can train yourself outstanding than others.     SalvationDATA not only supply data recovery equipment but moreover construct a solution platform to offer our clients the one-stop service. Now our data recovery equipment portfolio has branched out into scopes of server, RAID data recovery. We develop and create in a principle of helping you win in the fierce competition.  


Service attitude & Service Patterns attract clients' favor

SalvationDATA suggest data recovery companies consider input thoughts on the service procedures. DR companies can formulate more professional and normalized operation process for a purpose of constructing user-friendly service pattern and minimizing the repeated and boring procedures in a bid to avoid dispute caused by communication lapse.

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