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Training Courses

With more than 10 years’ experience in technology development of Data Loss Prevention & Data Recovery, SalvationDATA is qualified to share its rich experience with the rest of people who would like to learn or improve their skills on Data Security.

Our courses consist 2 major subjects: Data Loss Prevention and Data Recovery. See the table below for more details about what you are going to learn.


Data Recovery In House Training
------------Start-up data recovery training courses-Training Outline
Day 1:
Day 2:

>Hard Drive Theory - Introduction to hard Drives and Media Including Service Area and Firmware, Sectors & Platters

>Each attendee will dismantle a hard drive and identify components including PCB, Head Stack and Voice Coil

>How to diagnose whether you have a logical of Physical Hard Drive Problem Including Power Up and Broken drive recordings

>Introduction to Data Compass

>Determine if HDD has physical or logical problems using Data Compass

>Attendee Diagnose Hard Drive problems as logical or Physical

>Introduction to Imaging - Why Image hard drives for logical recoveries

>Making Image using Data Compass

>Introduction to Firmware Problems

>Introduction to SalvationDATA Hard Disk Doctor Suite

>Common features of Hard Disk Doctor Suite, including backup Firmware, Upload Firmware, Test Hard Drive Ready, Test Heads, Reset SMART, Delete Password etc.

>Introduction to Seagate Hard Disk Doctor and terminal commands

>Common Problem and Solutions for Seagate Drive - Work through Example

Day 3:
Day 4:

>Introduction to Western Digital Hard Disk Doctor

>PCB Swap Introduction

>PCB Repair and swap techniques including hands on ROM chip removal and transfer

>Hot Swap

>Common Problem and Solutions for Western Digital Drives - Work through Example

>Introduction to Hitachi Hard Disk Doctor

>Attendees Firmware Problems Q & A

>Introduction to Flash Doctor

>Types of media that Flash Doctor can recover

>Real Recovery from flash including de-solder and Software Recovery

>Overview of Maxtor, Samsung, Toshiba and Fujitsu, Common firmware problems and solutions

>Overview of Data Copy King and iPhone Data Recovery software

>Attendees Hard Drive Recoveries Q & A- Revision as requested

Day 5:

>Visit the Clean Room and Clean Room Introduction

>Resources for Donor Drives including Matching Models, Dates, Site Codes

>Head and Platter swap introduction

>Each attendee will practice head swap on bench 2.5" & 3.5"

>Each attendee practice platter swap on bench

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