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Below is a sample of testimonials from our students and what they are saying about our professional DLP&DR training. The greatest form of advertising is word of mouth and we pride ourselves with each testimonial we receive.

  • Posted by: Joseph Khoury
    Everything is good here: the hotel is very clean, food is good too. The city is very beautiful and thanks to Yoyo for showing me around. Most importantly, I learnt a lot from the guys.
  • Posted by: Manuela Magaña Rivera
    I think that all my questions were answered; my instructors did very good examples to follow the necessary steps to being successful in my job. I’m very satisfied with the training, instructors and the kindness of everyone here.
  • Posted By:Philip   Country: Australia
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for a great week in Chengdu
    It was much more than just training, it was a cultural experience. Every need was looked after professionally and in a very friendly manner.
    I would like to recommend the efforts made by Annie and Angela and Angle and Yoyo to make my stay enjoyable and memorable
    The training helped me repair a hard drive as soon as I returned to Australia, recovering data for a customer that before the visit I thought was lost
  • Posted by: H. Chu
    I went to the data recovery class about 2 weeks ago. The training is extremely useful for me to understand the foundation of data recovery and the strategies and skills to successfully recovery data from failing hard drives. I am really fortunate to be able to attend the class. If you are looking for improving your skills to the next level in IT, I will recommend this class. You will not be disappointed.

  • Posted by: Michel Greening Jackson
    SalvationDATA is an incredible company, they provide great customer support. And the training I just took last week in Chengdu is very practical and helpful. Actually, it did help me solve a difficult case yesterday; I would lose the customer if I hadn’t taken the class. The training was really great and life in Chengdu was enjoyable. Many thanks!
  • Posted By: Sean Waltson
    I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to my trainers Harvery and   .I am impressed by their fluency in English and a wealthy knowledge of DLP & DR.
  • Posted BY: Ethan Howard
    It was not just training, but wonderful traveling experience with good company in the ancient city. Thanks Annie for showing me around and taking me to taste the delicious local food in the restaurants. By the way, I love Hot Pot most, looking forward to come to Chengdu again next time. Thanks again!
  • Posted by: Julio Sarmiento
    I participated in the training for data recovery at PC Warehouse in Freehold, NJ the experience was very pleasant, James is the Data Recovery Guru and he also teaches the class, is knowledgeable in Data Recovery subject. He ran that extra mile to guide me and share his experience in the business, providing good guidelines to be successful in the Data Recovery Business. We used Salvation Data Tools that I bought few months ago, I was trying to use it by myself but it’s not the same. If you don’t get trained by a person that knows how to use it, the tools are worth less. When I came the first day to training I really don’t know how complicated its Data Recovery Business but with the right tools, knowledge and experience you can became a master in data recovery. I want to Thanks to all PC Warehouse staff to make me feel like in family and enjoy 100% this training experience. Well Done JOB!!
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