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                           ---The most convenient and cost effective classes to improve your knowledge and skills in Data Recovery and Data Loss Prevention

In order to make DLP & DR knowledge more accessible to the public, SalvationDATA is sharing them on Internet now. People, who are eager to learn or improve their skills in this area, can join SalvationDATA’s virtual classroom simply by click a link.

All the class’s PPT files and other documents will be sent before the class so the participants can get well prepared; in the class, participants can communicate with the teacher freely either by talking on a microphone or typing words in the chat area.

Online Training VS Face-to-face Training:
Online training is a good choice to learn skills in DLP & DR for people who are unable to travel to SalvationDATA’s training centers. And customers only need to pay a little money for the classes. However, online training does have disadvantages due to the long distance between the teacher and the students; it’s less efficient when it comes to communicate. What’s more, there are some courses that only the face-to-face training can do, physical data recovery training, for example. Because it requires lots of hands-on practice and guidance from our engineers in the clean room, with the assistance of other necessary equipments. So it’s suggested that for those who have had good basic knowledge in DLP & DR, but hope to develop into an advanced or expert standard level, face-to-face training is the best choice!

Who should take the online training?
1, those who are beginners in DLP or DR, with no or very little knowledge in this area
2, those who want to improve their knowledge and skills in DLP or DR
3, those who don’t know how to use SalvationDATA’s devices to perform Data Recovery
4, those who wish to test SalvationDATA’s tools before purchasing, online training can show you how they work



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