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Visit SalvationDATA For One Day And You See Inside Who We Are And What We Do

SalvationDATA is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of offline data security hardware solutions and tools including data backup hardware, data recovery hardware and data wiping hardware, besides, SalvationDATA provides data recovery services and data recovery training as well with its partners and training centers worldwide.

SalvationDATA data recovery tools and solutions have been applied to the majority of global data recovery companies and IT services companies for business expansion or high success rate. In recent years, unexpected events and disasters are obvious and have had big impact on various industries such as enterprises, education, public sectors’ IT departments, etc who have become increasingly dependent on data for the very existence, survival or normal operations. A simple end-user mistake, a failed device, or the disruption of an entire data center due to power loss, flooding, earthquake, hurricane or some other natural disaster can be a big pain in the neck of your data security! SalvationDATA began to attract the attention and its tools began to be introduced to more and more enterprises, universities and other public sectors.

No one can predict the disaster until it comes to you. The only real defense is preparation. SalvationDATA headquarter has now created one green channel for IT people of all industries to access

One day visit to SalvationDATA including the following arrangement for you:

Visit SalvationDATA headquarter and its offices in Chengdu;

Visit SalvationDATA international VIP data recovery center and clean room;

Live demo. On how our tools work for secured and fast data backup, data recovery and data clean;

Free face-to-face consultation to set up your own in-house data center;

To ensure a gratifying reception, we suggest you apply for this visit within our office hours:

9:00-17:00 from Monday to Friday, GMT+8

Chengdu, where SalvationDATA headquarter is located in, is the IT center of the middle and west of China, one international big secured city with a population of 11,000,670 in 2011 and it’s attracting more and more international investments and tourists.

Read more about Chengdu in SalvationDATA Chengdu Travel Guide
Watch the video and see the how Chengdu impresses the world

Make best use of your opportunities doing business in China:


You can find a best time before or after you join some trade fairs such as Hong Kong Electronics Fair, Canton Fair or when you come to China for a purchase or other kind of business observation, etc. Then you come to China for one time and meet your original purpose and also visit SalvationDATA;

Think before you come:


What kind and level of data security solutions are you going to deploy? What kind of data threats are you facing and want to handle?


Finally, we want to say, be the first to move a step forward in data security field, you will have a big step ahead of others.                                                                                Apply Now !



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