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FAQ-HD Doctor for WD

1. Question: If bad sector found was more than 2000, can my hdd be saved ?
Answer: If bad sectors are below 1000, you can try add them to P-list; and while they are more than 1000,it's useless to add them to P-list, you need to try selfscan.
2. Q: How to operate HOT SWAP PCB?
A: First you should find an identical donor hard drive(by identical, I mean the donor drive must have the same model number, at least first 3 digits of Serial Number and PCBA version number, the best the motor number ), then launch hdd doctor program, go to OTHER OPERATIONS tab, click MOTOR OFF, then screw the PCBA off hdd without turning power off and put it on the bad hard drive, then click MOTOR ON, now you can operate on the SA.
3. Q: How to depop head for WD HDD?
A: Sometimes when the heads are corrupted, the drive will click or there will be many defective sectors. In such case, we need to depop the malfunction head to ensure normal work of the drive, but at the same time we will sacrifice the capacity of the head.
The operation is different to depop the primary head and other heads. If you want to depop primary head, you should first perform SA L-Format and then modify the configuration of heads in ROM. Then you should reset the power to refresh the console box. Then perform SA L-Format again and upload modules of donor drive with corresponding capacity (namely, the capacity after head depop of the original drive). At last, carry out HDD Rebuild.
For other head, you could directly modify the configuration of heads in ROM.
4. Q: Here is a WD400BB-00DKA0 HDD, which is recognized but Module 21, Module 22, Module 25, Module 26, Module 29, Module 2D and Module 44 are detected error. The program reports error when performing HDD Rebuild. I directly reset the power and the HDD get unrecognized. What should I do in this situation?
A: If key modules are corrupted, the HDD Rebuild can’t be successful to run. In such case, you should first restore the corrupted modules. In your situation, if the program reports on readiness, you may L-Format SA and upload good donor/backup firmware; if not, you could take the method of HOT SWAP PCBA to recover the corrupted modules.
5. Q: I have a WD800BB-00JHC0 HDD, which is unrecognized. After replacement of PCBA, it gets recognized and all modules and tracks are good. The problem is that it can't be partitioned and formatted. What should I do?
A: There may be some defects preventing partitioned and formatted. You can perform zerofill and scan/add defects to the drive to fix the bad sectors.
6. Q: How to make firmware of 20G HDD from 40G HDD?
A: First make backup of all the firmware modules and ROM. Then depop a head, remaining #0. At the same time, manually modify the model and LBA to be the one of 20GB HDD. After that, you should perform HDD Rebuild to take the above operations into effect. After that, reset the power and backup all the modules when the HDD reports on readiness.
Attention: if the HDD clicks after head depop, you can first set HDD in PCBA mode (safe mode), recover the head and upload the original backup modules. Then the HDD should be OK.
7. Q: There are many bad sectors detected after Rewrite Servo and it is very slow when scanning defects, how to recover it?
A: If there are continuous bad sectors, it will be very slow when you scan defects by Total Scan. In such case, we can choose Leaping Scan as it will automatically recognize continuous bad sectors and treat the whole track as a bad track.
If there are many (more than 500) bad sectors, you should not directly add the defects to P-list and perform zerofill to take effect. In such case, selfscan is advised.
8. Q: What's the reason of self-scan failure?
A: Before running self-scan, you should make sure all the modules of primary head are good and whether HDD Rebuild can succeed or not. If HDD Rebuild fails, you can try it again after clearing P-list and G-list. The self-scan can only be activated successfully provided HDD Rebuild succeeds.
9. Q: How long will it take to run self-scan and how to make sure it is complete?
A: Generally, it will take 5-8 hours to run self-scan for 40GB HDD. And the time will increase with the capacity increasing. There is a real-time status bar in SELFSCAN tab to monitor the progress of the self-scan. The characters are formatted as ?XX==XX==XX==XX==XX==XX==XX? The self-scan completes completely when the first "XX?is "FF? But self-scan of many HDD can't reach this step. Generally, we can stop the self-scan after running 3 hours and carry out zerofill to the HDD to see the result.
10. Q: There are two kinds of jumper settings for WD HDD, one is PCBA mode and the other is singly occupying mode. What's the difference between them?
A: Singly occupying mode is the so-called Master mode, and PCBA mode is Safe mode. When we want to operate on ROM and head, we need to set HDD into PCBA mode. In other cases, the HDD is in singly occupying mode.

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