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How SalvationDATA Solution Empowers You?

Most large or security-sensitive public sectors and corporations have in-house data recovery departments to take care of their data recovery needs because the data in need of recovery would just be too sensitive to trust to an outsourced company.

The broad sense data recovery process, except the final file recovery step, is a headache for those departments until now. Many of these departments, will be much the same as those Non-SalvationDATA-Empowered data recovery companies, did not have the expertise and tools to access data from drives with firmware problems. Their only solution was to outsource to a data recovery corporation with that ability by taking a huge risk of their own or, or very sorry to say, others.

SalvationDATA provides a comprehensive 3+1 Data Recovery Solution for public sector and corps data recovery professionals who need to address all data recovery problems - from drive-level issues to data-level issues - in an affordable, secure in-house environment.

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Your Data Recovery Needs

Solution Components

Stage 1: Drive Restoration

HD Doctor Suite
Stage 2&3: Disk Imaging & File Recovery Data Compass Suite
Stage +1: Head & Platter Exchange HD HPE PRO Suit
Training Broad Sense Data Recovery Advanced Course(available worldwide)
Online Forum
Online Repository
Technical Support 1 year of free phone, e-mail and MSN support.

What You Need To Be a Data Recovery Professional?

  • Comprehensive and In-house Conformable broad sense data recovery tools for Drive Restoration, Disk Image and File Recovery to provide an In-house Broad Sense Data Recovery service.
  • Technology and services that enable you ability to handle with disk-level issues, not just the data-level-issue ability you already have.
  • Tools that are affordable, with friendly adoptability, so that you don’t need to start from a new beginning.
  • Acquisitive training in broad sense data recovery subject which can be obtained nearby or on-your-site.

What Can SalvationDATA Provide?

  • Comprehensive utilities optimized for each Stage of the broad sense 3+1 data recovery, which enable you to service up to 100% more cases which originally you can’t deal with or have to send to third party data recovery companies by taking huge risks.
  • Both universal and specialized utilities designed for disk-level diagnostics and restoration while data-level utility is also included. We even make it better for you by allow you to define data-level software of your own to work from our hardware utilities.
  • Integrated design software enables the users friendly use experience. The engineer flows made by our experienced engineers show users the A-Z flow of diagnostics and restoration.
  • Ongoing worldwide training center project, which has been done in North America, Europe and Asia.
  • With SalvationDATA 3+1 accordant in-house solution, there will be no need to outsource any in-house case of even disk-level problems, since you have been empowered the same ability and success rate as other professionals.

Why Choose SalvationDATA?

  • The only company to provide broad sense 3+1 Data Recovery Solution for forensic Data Recovery professionals. When you work with Forensic Data Recovery Solutions, You Receive:
  • Experience and Expertise - Hardware-software complex tools developed by SalvationDATA's highly skilled and experienced computer forensic engineers.
  • Proprietary Technology - SalvationDATA's industry-leading technology and services help you find a needle in the haystack by accessing data that seems forever lost due to a disk failure.
  • Support - Technical engineers help you to get solution on single case basis.
  • Strict Security - SalvationDATA's Shadow Imaging and write protection technology maintains the integrity and aboriginality of your evidence source for the forensic analysis and data recovery.
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