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To Be Better, To Be Quicker!
                                             -  SalvationDATA Data Recovery Solution for IT Services Companies

Now people are encountering a situation that the Data in the disks is much more costly and more important than the disks themselves. Many enterprises outsourced their IT support department to professional IT services companies. These situations bring in huge potential markets of IT services, including data recovery services. Besides, the risk of data loss for IT companies themselves also exists for everyone. The above factors generate a great opportunity for the IT services companies, as the data recovery business can be a new profit growth area.

In addition, the IT industry is facing excessive competition, because too many new comers join in the industry, cutting down the average profit for every participant companies within the industry. The IT companies are forced to look for core profit growth area which contain high technology and can not be accessed easily by unqualified new comers. Data recovery is one area that satisfies the above conditions, highly technical, advanced data recovery equipments, experienced technicians, and tidy profits.

However many IT services companies is not that professional enough in technical solutions, data recovery equipments or technicians to catch the chances, resulting in customer loss and profits loss. Most of them face the same embarrassing situations because of the following two reasons.

Passive Business Model, Waiting for Customers to Come
No business can be prosperous until you find a positive way to capture customers. For the traditional data recovery market, the customers are required to visit the repair shop in person with their patient products. The service provider will undoubtedly lose more customers while the customer may not be able to find the REAL professional company to solve their problems. Passive reflect on the market demand results in the loss of profits.

Lack of Advanced Equipments and Technology
When the customer brings a failed hard drive which even can not be detected or which has defects in SA, are you feeling helpless and frustrated? The reason is simply because that you are still using FinalDATA ore EasyRecovery to recover data from the hard drive. Do you have to pass the customer to others? How can you tower your sail?

Why hands Over the Chance of Big Profit?

The answer is simple - To be better and To be quicker!

Improve Your Service, Enlarge Your Business Scope
SalvationDATA Data Recovery Solution is customized for IT industry, featured on high-intelligence, easy to use and portable characteristic. With SalvationDATA solution and equipments, IT services companies can improve to the positive business model, providing door-to-door services and value-added services for customers. SalvationDATA Data Recovery Solution fully satisfies the requirements of low cost, high Efficiency, and enlarged business from IT services companies, helping to create the maximum value for IT service companies and their customers.

Please download PDF for further details.

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