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How To Select The Best and Right Data Recovery Tools

There are several instructions you should follow and some facts you should learn and understand:

1, There is a big difference between data recovery hardware and data recovery software, SalvationDATA data recovery tools have two types: data recovery hardware; data recovery hardware and software integrated tools; SalvationDATA data recovery tools help to fix data recovery cases of crash hard drives, flash drives or faulty drives with a lot of bad sectors which the data recovery software cannot deal at all;

2, You must be very clear about your target customers if you want to start a data recovery business, for example, you want to provide hard drive data recovery services or flash drive data recovery services, you want to provide logical, firmware level or physical data recovery services or some of them or all of them; you must be very clear about your in-house data recovery types, which storage media types you have and which you must recover lost data from by yourself;

3, Measure your pocket and set up a reasonable business plan to match your local market. Investigate your competitors who are already in data recovery business and find out what kind of services they are able to offer so that SalvationDATA can suggest you with one more competitive data recovery solution;



According to our experience of our data recovery engineers:

There can be five types of data recovery cases your potential customers may bring to you or your in-house data recovery lab may meet:

Type 1: Recover lost data from functioning drives, the data can be lost due to accidental deletion, format, clone, virus attack, etc, many data recovery software help to solve over 90% of the cases;
Our tool for fix: Data Compass

Type 2: Recover lost data from slow-running drives/Slow PCs, the data can be partly accessible or inaccessible due to a lot of bad sectors, unstable/damaged heads, data recovery software usually fail to recover data from these drives;
Our tool for fix: Data Compass

Type 3: Recover lost data from undetected drives/regularly clicking drives/wrongly detected drives due to firmware corruption, usually some modules of the firmware are corrupted and you just need to use professional hdd repair tools like our HD Doctor to write back the donor firmware modules and then it's restored;
Our tool for fix: HD Doctor Suite (HD Doctor Suites contains 6 HD Doctors: Seagate, Western Digital, Maxtor, Hitachi/IBM, Toshiba/Fujitsu, Samsung)

Type 4: Recover lost data from dead drives,usually we call this physically damaged drives which are not detected in the bios or completely dead because of severe head damage, platter scratches, or PCB ROM burnt, for these cases, you need to use our HD HPE PRO to open the drive in a clean room(a clean bench is good in the begining) and perform the head or platter swap to fix the drives and extract the data with data compass;
Our tool for fix: HD HPE PRO+Data Compass

Type 5: Recover lost data from drives with multiple damages including some of the above or even all above; For these cases, you may use not only one tools but a combination of several tools.
Our tool for fix: HD HPE PRO+HD Doctor Suite+Data Compass

For Flash drives:

Detected flash drives: you can use our flash doctor software part to scan the lost data directly;
Damaged/Undetected flash drives: you need to have the skills to unsolder either the Tsop48 or BGA chips and put the chips to our chip reader to get the lost data back.

Our tool for fix: SD flash doctor

If you want to provide comprehensive data recovery services and get the most happy customers for hard drive data recovery, flash drive data recovery, raid data recovery,
Our tool for fix: HD HPE PRO+HD Doctor Suite+Data Compass+Flash Doctor

 Besides, we have now the server data recovery tools and newest cell phone data recovery and computer forensic software available. For these new data recovery tools, you can email to info[at] for more details.

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