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Professional computer forensic data recovery tools for advanced forensic examiners!

Electronic information always includes fatal resources of enterprises and government agencies.  Along with fast development of information technology, it is more and more difficult for the computer forensic inspector to collect useful evidence from highly skilled and experienced suspicious bodies. The suspicious media containing criminal evidence has a higher possibility of being damaged or destroyed deliberately, rather than being performed a deletion, a format or an encryption. Therefore, computer forensic institutions are desperate for constructing one advanced forensic data recovery lab to obtain evidence effectively by virtue of professional forensic data recovery tools.

There might be several kinds of data retrieval for forensic data recovery such as retrieve data from HDD, flash memory, mobile phones or servers even. Forensic data recovery tools are also varies. For example hard disk drive is one of the most common storage systems that may be used to contain the computer criminal evidence. In order to gain access to the data on the hard disk drive through one of the operation systems (e.g. Windows, MAC, Linus), the quality and status of the hard disk drive needs to be in a very good standard. For further analysis and investigation of the data on the media, some special and authorized forensic software tools are also needed.

SalvationDATA has a team who has been working as a contractor of Chinese military and government public security agencies in providing data security management and forensic technologies. With their years of experience and outstanding achievements in R&D for the specific needs of forensic data recovery field, they provide a comprehensive idea for Forensic Data Recovery Solution for forensics services– from drive-level cases to data-level cases – in a conformable, resource respected environment under strict control.

Choose different solutions and tools we supply to meet the various demands for the forensic data recovery on the current market.

  1. Forensic Data Recovery Solution: Data Compass, HD Doctor and HPE Pro
  2. Flash Memory Off-chip Forensics: Flash Doctor
  3. On-The-Spot Investigation and Fast Forensics: Data Copy King
  4. Protection Of Evidence: USB Blocker

Please download PDF for further details.

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