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Set Up Your Own Professional Data Recovery Lab
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Investigation statistics suggest, for small-sized data recovery companies, the data recovery tools used are mainly software-level or simple-to-access technologies adopted and it’s far away to meet the increasing demand of their clients with drives of complicated or firmware-level or physical malfunctions.

For large and medium-sized DR companies to expand and grow their business, they need diversified solutions, clean room and good data recovery sources (like donor PCB, heads, firmware) to make them strong and survive the competition.


Solution for Small-sized Data Recovery Companies

SD Solution

Solution Components

Drive Restoration

HD Doctor Suite
Disk Imaging & File Recovery Data Compass Suite
Head & Platter Exchange HD HPE PRO Suite
Training Broad Sense Data Recovery Advanced Course(available worldwide)
Forum Donor Resources
Marketing Support Free
Consultation For Customization Free
Technical Support Free(Within office hours)

Solution for Medium and Large Data Recovery Companies

SD Solution

Solution Components

Drive Restoration(such as, firmware corruption)

HD Doctor Suite
Disk imaging& file recovery Data Compass Suite
Head& platter exchange HD HPE PRO Suite
Clean Room
Data Recovery Sources (like donor, firmware)
Training Broad Sense Data Recovery Advanced Course (available worldwide)
Technical Support Free(Within Office Hours)

SalvationDATA is able to provide you with complete and professional data recovery tools and solutions but it doesn’t mean you need to take all of them and our sales engineers will suggest you in a best and reasonable way, a customized solution just for you considering your background knowledge, your budget, your local market and your ROI!

SalvationDATA is a trustworthy leading provider for data recovery tools, data recovery services and data recovery training. We provide data recovery companies with a long support list, including Hard drives of IDE, SATA, SCSI, SAS; flash drives with both TSOP chips and BGA chips; laptops, desktops, servers, cameras, SD, CF, MMC, cell phone and skynet video monitoring system; logical data recovery cases, firmware repair and recovery cases, physical data recovery cases, etc.

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