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Free Softwares Overview:

Free data recovery softwares for disk firmware repair, HDD scan and Disk bad sectors repair free download. These freewares offered for download are totally free and never expiry, but they just have parts of functions of the professional version.

HDD Scan And Repair 3.0

Used For: HDD Scan, HDD Repair

This program is the only one known professional software which can scan HDD over 136 G directly that need not the support of computer mainboard with high speed. It can utmost afford 2000 G HDD in theory.

HDD Bad Sectors Repair 2.0

Used For: Bad Sectors Repair

Software for defective sectors repair of Maxtor 541DX series,by adding bad sectors into the factory defect P-list, the target HDD could be restored as a brand-new one that is totally defect-free.

Seagate Firmware Repair 5.0

Used For: Seagate Disk Firmware Repair

Demo version of HDD Seagate PRO 5.0 which solves the typical firmware malfunction of Barracuda 7200.7 drives (manifest itself as follows: 1. HDD is not identified or identified incorrectly; 2. HDD starts the motor and then hangs).

Maxtor Firmware Repair 2.0

Used For: Maxtor Disk Firmware Repair

A freeware of SalvationDATA aiming at solution for typical firmware malfunction of Maxtor 541DX (2B020H1 2B010H1), which may manifest itself as follows: 1. HDD is not identified or identified by its factory alias "Maxtor Athena"; 2. HDD starts the motor and then hangs.

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