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Drive diagnosis & RESTORATION

Where the 3+1 Data Recovery Flow starts. The foundation of the flow

This stage repairs hard drives that are undetected, not responding, and drives that can be accessed but produce null data.

Being the primary stage of the DR flow, another use of it is to carry out all round diagnosis to the drive and decide which stage to go.


Mechanical component problems. This has been widely acknowledged and practiced. But still there are two difficulties remains: maintain multiple platters alignment with each other when doing platter swap; platter extraction from new design drives with spacers between platters. 3+1 data recovery flow deals with this issue on Stage +1 specially using Stage 1 hard drive repair tool.
Bad sector problems. Bad sector will not be repaired in case you still need to recover data from the target drive; but we can’t just skip those bad sectors directly since “bad” sectors contain valuable data. 3+1 data recovery flow deals with this issue on Stage 2 specially using Stage 2 tool.
Microcode problems. Includes problems of PCB chip microcode as well as SA microcode. This will be the problems that Stage 1 addresses.

The SalvationDATA 3+1 Data Recovery Process complements your current methods with a tool that diagnosiss mechanical and electronic issues and fixes up to 80%-90% of firmware problems.

SalvationDATA empowers you deeper capabilities

Tool you need for Stage 1 solution:

SalvationDATA recommends HD Doctor Suite, which can diagnosis different drive problems for review, and provides specialized utilities to handle with microcode problems.







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