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Stage 3 of the 3+1 Data Recovery Flow, the crown of the flow.

This stage involves file system rebuilding and user data retrieving.

The traditional practice of this final stage happens only after the disk imaging, that is to say even what you need is only a few files, still you need to perform a complete disk image, because Stage 3 software can not work on patient HDD, which takes a lot of time. Now a better way pioneered by SalvationDATA allows you to retrieve specific files directly without imaging.

Using traditional data retrieval / file system recovery tools, you will have the following headaches.


You can't deal with file retrieval out of a corrupt file system.
Most of the files you retrieve contain useless or no content, you can not tell which ones are usable.
You have to waste lots of time in disk imaging even though what you need is just a few specific files.

The SalvationDATA 3+1 File System Recovery Flow provides advance tools that enhance and innovate in your current practice in data retrieval.

A Win-Win-Win result: SalvationDATA gets reputation, you get profit, and your client gets the data.

Tool you need for Stage 3 issues solution:

Having bad experience like the old saying “suffer defeat on the verge of victory”? SalvationDATA recommends Data Compass, which handles all your headaches in Stage 3.









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