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Stage 2 of the 3+1 Data Recovery Flow.

This stage deals with drives that have read inability problems because of physical/ logical bad sectors on SA and/ or user area.

In this Stage 2, we read contents of each sector physically byte-to-byte, including good and bad, and copied to a good disk using data extraction software and hardware. Disk data extraction enables you to work on a stable HDD in next stage coming-Stage 3: Data Retrieval. Another most important task of Stage 2 is to handle HDD with SA media defects, which cause the SA microcode to be collapsed and irrecoverable because the media storing the module can not be read or written. The solution is to boot the drive without using the drive’s SA and extract the user data.


The ordinary user-level repeated-read access method that used by imaging software bring a risk of damaging the disk and head, making data lost irretrievable.
The imaging software skips bad sectors directly in order not to get hang.
The imaging software takes days or weeks to image bad drives. Even so it gets hang most of the time in case the drive has lots of bad sectors.
The imaging software can not handle those drives undetected because of SA media defects.

Most DR companies are using imaging tools only for Stage 2, and those tools are designed only for use on "good" HDD without media defects and instable heads. Therefore they still can’t get the maximum data (even damaging deeper layer data) even though the have been proficient in the previous Drive Restoration stage.

SalvationDATA Data Compass provides hardware-software complex data extraction tool that handle all the above challenges.

SalvationDATA provides you with comprehensive data extraction tool.

Tool you need for Stage 2 solution:

SalvationDATA recommends Data Compass, which adopts high-end technologies and protocols to perform SA analog for initializing/boot HDD, minimize disk degradation and hang in read attempt to bad sectors.





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