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Stage +1 of the 3+1 Data Recovery Flow. Supplement to Stage 1.

An extra but very important stage follows the Stage 1 diagnosis. This special stage handles with hardware component issues which can’t be repaired but the only solution is to have the components exchanged using donor parts.

Special extra stage handles the deepest layer of HD malfunction

This stage is to be carried out after the drive diagnosis in Stage 1. Finishing the Stage +1 will take you back to Stage 1 for diagnosis again to decide which stage to go.


Head stack problems. How to dismount the head stack and then reinstall properly without damaging the sensitive heads is the key, and also most of us cares about.
Spindle motor problems. Only a few top professionals with plenty of practical experience can handle spindle motor problems.
Platter alignment & spacer problems. So far they are still a headache for most of us without proper tools.

SalvationDATA 3+1 Data Recovery pioneers an independent stage which handles with the mechanical component problems.

Tool you need for Stage +1 solution:

SalvationDATA recommends HD HPE PRO, which solves the annoying headaches in mechanical component exchanging with specially designed utilities.










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