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How to start or enhance your business in data recovery area with the help of data recovery tools?

Do you want to start your own data recovery business? Don’t know what data recovery tools to choose to aid your data recovery business? Now you don’t need to worry about finding suitable data recovery tools. Here we provide a ready set of data recovery tools to help you out.

For a fresh hand, it is necessary to have knowledge of data recovery and the reasons causing data loss as well as other matters besides data recovery tools. Next we have a brief introduction on data recovery and data recovery tools.

What is data recovery?

In brief, data recovery refers to restore the lost data caused by various reasons.

Generally speaking, only if the media is not damaged badly, data is able to be recovered sound and safe by using data recovery tools. Usually data loss caused by logical problems is much easier to deal with in high success rate using data recovery tools. And if data can not be accessed because of disk physical damages, it can be retrieved simply via exchanging the damaged components using data recovery tools. While if it is the media that is damaged severely or the data that is overlaid, it is beyond the recovery no matter what kind of data recovery tool you have.

Data recovery is a sort of remedial measure carried out by using specially designed data recovery tools and is different from either preventing measure or backup. Therefore data recovery practice is hard to recover the data when the data happens to be overlaid/hard disk cleared up by basic formatting/disk scratched badly and so on.

Then, what may cause data loss?

Usually, the reasons for data loss are diverse. They can be mainly generalized to three categories: logical reasons/physical reasons/firmware reasons

1. Logical reasons for data loss
Logical reasons of data loss commonly caused by virus/ fault formatting/ fault partition/ fault clone/ fault delete and overlay/ hacker invasion/ zero track damages/disk encryption/ power-off on operating/unexpected electromagnetic interference / fault or break-down of system etc..
The common symptoms of data loss are usually registered as operating system missing/failure to start system normally/ fault disk read and write / wanted files not found/ files not opened/ messy code after opening files/ no partition / certain disk partition not formatted etc. However, problems caused by logical reasons are easy to be dealt with, and it can be solved by lots of ready data recovery software, abundant of data recovery software and tools can be found from various of vendors.  

2. Physical reasons for data loss
Physical reasons usually include disk platter scratch/ head deformation/ head arm broken/ head amplifier damaged/ chip assembly or other components damaged etc.
Data loss caused by physical problem manifest themselves as disk not detected by system (often accompanied by ‘clicking’ of magnetic disk assembly) motor halt / no sound after power-on/ fault read and write from inaccurate head location etc.

3.  Firmware reasons for data loss
Due to repeated access to the firmware area, failures in this area happen frequently.
Common failures include such symptoms as disk not detected normally with sound of searching tracks/ only recognizing factory mode etc. and firmware reason account for 40% of data loss what’s more, natural damages may lead up to data loss, such as wind/ lightening/ flood/ earthquake and unexpected incidents. However, such possibility is tiny compared with above reasons.
Maybe you actually know these facts, but without a professional tool, it just does not make any sense.

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