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Portable high-precision power supply for data recovery

In July, 2009 state-level high-tech enterprise SalvationDATA Technology has released the first ‘portable high-precision power supply’. It is known that a stable power supply is an insurance of successful data recoveries. This high-precision power supply was designed to meet the need of professional data recovery industry.

The rapid development of digital devices effectively promotes the development of the power system. On the other hand, data recovery - a particular application field - has more specific requirements for the stability of power supply. SD portable high-precision power supply for data recovery can be used to replace the traditional desk-top computer power supply used in data recovery industry and hard disk repair, making it a perfect match with the trend of the door-to-door service needs.

The features of ‘SD high-precision power supply’
A must-have for data recovery - it was acknowledged by senior data recovery engineers that power supply plays a key role in the process of recovering data. And directly affects the success rate. Especially with disk capacity getting larger, disks with high density require strictly to work with stable power supply. What’s more, data recovery high-precision power supply is able to maintain the stability of heads via increasing immediate voltage of disk.

Taking WD 500GB drive for example, if the disk suffers from a power shortage, the head of it will click when accessing data at a high speed; and if the drive runs into bad track which leads to repeated accesses, poor power supply will not be able to live through but end up with no responding.

Compact and cost-effective, the size of SD high-precision power supply is a little bigger than general Smartphone and the whole set weighs about 0.2kg, therefore, it is convenient to take it with you in the pocket, it is the lightest high-precision power in existing market. Data recovery engineers usually employ piles of tools which occupy lots of desk space, SD high-precision power supply takes this point into consideration, with compact design users will hardly notice it’s there.

Portable - general ATX power supply is of cumbersome shape, while ‘SD high-precision power supply’ is able to work for data recovery the moment it is connected to power adaptor of laptop. It makes the data recovery faster and more professional. When engineers go to provide door to door service, it is going to distinguish you from others. As a result, your professional image is enhanced.

High efficiency and easy operation - It adopts the latest advanced power module group from Texas Instrument, which is consistent with the build-in power supply of SD DATA COMPASS.

It was said that a sparrow may be small but it has all the vital organs. Small and complete, fast and time-saving, high-precision power developed by SD perfectly meets the requirements of current customer. It will step up the existing working efficiency of data recovery, and be of a good help for you.
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The power cable is made of high purity of multi-rope 0.75mm² copper wire, and the socket as well as the connector adopts gilding material. There are various plugs and ready interfaces for 4P / SATA/ disk drive / soft drive, all the connectors have past a 5000-time wearing tests.

Main technique parameters:

1. Input D.C regulated voltage power supply: voltage 19V/current 3.16 A/ input plug with excircleΦ5.5mm and inner diameterΦ2.0mm
(Voltage and current range respectively from 18V-23V and 3A-4A, clients may choose any D.C regulated voltage power supply according to the range.)

2. Output D.C voltage: 5V/12V/accuracy 4%

3. Output current averages: 5V1.5A、12V1.5A, peak value current protection in 2.6A/50ms-1.5s

4. Output D.C voltage ripple: under50mV

5. Relative surrounding humidity: 30-90%

6. Circuit temperature shut-down temperature: inside temperature 50 centigrade

7. 0.6s Auto power-on warning tone1.2s /manual power-on warning-tone 0.8s /power-off warning tone 0.6s

8. Sensitivity protection
01) Real-time protection of both input Overvoltage undervoltage remains in 10ms. And output overcoltage in 10 ms too
02) When starting output undervoltage, undervoltage Delayed protection should remains in 1.5ms, 1.5s later keep real-time protection of output undervoltage in 80s.
03) When starting Output current, overcurrent delayed protection should be kept in 1.5s, 1.5s later real-time protection of output overcurrent in 50ms.

9. Attentions:
01) Aluminum alloy skull should handle with care, preventing damages from falling or knocking
02) The skull is linked to the power cathode of internal circuit, so damages caused by short-cut between load and skull should be noted.
03) Temperature state of the skull varies from the changing of the load weight and time. And the temperature of skull sometimes may come up to 55 centigrade or above.

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