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SD Head Replacement Toolkit

SD head replacement toolkit is one perfect match of another SD popular clean room data recovery tool-HD HPE PRO for high success rate head replacement and platter swap.


New SD Head Replacement Toolkit

High-precision injection moulding + advanced research in different hard drives’ inner physical structure

SD head replacement toolkit contains two parts: 16 different types of head combs supporting different brands of hard drives’ multiple heads replacement and 48 locking pins with customized sprung gaps to fix the head combs and head arms and add to the head replacement success rate.

What is SD head replacement toolkit designed for?

When it’s confirmed to be head damage or other hard drive physical damages which require you to perform the head replacement, SD head replacement toolkit is to ensure the correct and successful operation of head replacement.

Features & Functions


* Practical ApplicationsProfessional and friendly Simultaneous design to work on multiple heads separation at the same time; Consistent design to physically and equally separate the heads;
* High Efficiency & Accuracy: To ensure the easy move in/out of the parking zones during the head replacement operation (installing/uninstalling the heads);
* Physical effective head separation: Maximize the security of head replacement while the ability of tremor resistance is increased;
* Fix effectively: Fix the head arms and head replacement toolkit (head combs) by inserting the locking pins into the arms;
* Fix heads contact: Outer-parking-designed head replacement toolkit is able to separate the heads successfully;
* Features of SD head replacement toolkit: Outstanding performance, tested chemical stability and good wearing resistance, to be used for long between -20℃ and 85℃;
* Manage Donor Heads Effectively: Easily keep and manage your donor heads with SD head replacement toolkit so that you don’t bother each time installing the donor heads back to the hard drives;
* Cost Control: the operation times of head installing and uninstalling are ultimately reduced with the help of SD head replacement toolkit, so that the chance of accidental head damage becomes slimmer and finally the cost of acquiring and managing donor heads is maximally reduced.

Purchasing Note:

1, Before you can use SD new head comb suite very well, you need to have some experience of head replacement or have used familiar head replacement products or you need more practice on the toolkit;
2, Before you use the head replacement toolkit for head replacement, you need to use HD HPE PRO to disassemble the hard drives and remove some components such as the cover, HSA stopper, top magnet, etc;
3, Remember to work with SD head replacement toolkit, you should have clean room environment or at least one qualified clean bench.

1.SD Head Replacement Toolkit User Instructions SD-Head-Replacement-Toolkit-User-Instructions.pdf

2.SD HRT Packing List SD-HRT-Packing-List.pdf

3.Support List of SD Head Replacement Toolkit Support-List-of-SD-Head-Replacement-Toolkit.pdf


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