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SD Flash Doctor-the ultimate solution to Flash Recovery

  1. About SD Flash Data Recovery Doctor
  2. SD Flash Data Recovery Doctor Suite
  3. Main Principles and Features
  4. SD Flash Data Recovery doctor Hardware
  5. SD Flash Data Recovery doctor Software
  6. How Flash Data Recovery doctor Keeps You Staying Ahead
  7. Support List of SD Flash Data Recovery doctor
  8. Video tutorial on SD Flash Doctor
  9. Free flash data recovery service program

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SD Flash Data Recovery Doctor HARDWARE SD Flash Data Recovery doctor Hardware

User-friendly Design

SD Flash Data Recovery Doctor hardware console separates its central processor (which is responsible for calculations and feature implementations) and adaptor (used for connecting the chip to the processor), which enables users to change the adaptor to read different flash chips with different interfaces when we release an upgrade for the support list; also it makes the replacement of the adaptor (which would be damaged due to be frequently used) easy.

Comprehensive Flash Chip Accessing Technology

SD Flash Data Recovery Doctor provides comprehensive support towards NAND with different parameters:

  1. 1. Supports Flash chips with both 8 bit and 16 bit interfaces.
  2. 2. Supports Flash chips with working voltage from 0.9V-5.0V (adjustable).
  3. 3. Supports Flash chips with the size not multiple of 528 (database addible, currently we have added over 10 types of sizes in the database).
  4. 4. Increasing reading speed up to 7-12 MB/S.

SD Flash Data Recovery Doctor SOFTWARE

Please note that the following program interfaces come from the Chinese version of software, we will provide English version of software when we release this product worldwide.p

Creating the Task

Before proceeding the raw data extraction, users need to create a new task where all the operations and parameters will be saved for any possible future use; users need to indicate the type of the device, controller model number (for identification use only), number of memory chips and necessary comments for this task. This helps an easy management towards your cases. Other technical parameters like manufacturer, model number of the chip, ID, capacity, number of blocks, page size, block per page, channels per chip, BUS width and so on can be acquired from the chip automatically.
SD Flash Data Recovery doctor Software

Raw Data Extraction

You can adjust the channel, latency, chip number here when working with the flash chip; the program provides detailed indicators and operation logs for your review.
SD Flash Data Recovery doctor Software

File Rebuilding

Unlike other similar products, SD Flash Data Recovery doctor does not recover via controller but by analyzing and chasing the file order (internal logical links) using our unique algorithm, both automatic and manual modes available.
SD Flash Data Recovery doctor Software

Technical Support

User manual together with case studies provide the users with guideline of how to work with Flash Data Recovery doctor, easy-to-understand principles of both the product and the recovery; used together with the forum access and remote assistance service, even a new beginner can do the best in flash data recovery very fast.


The coming features available in the upgraded versions:

  1. Add support to the future-trend storage device: SSD.
  2. Optimize the algorithm used for automatic mode recovery to enable truly “One-Click” operation.
  3. Increase the number of the supported flash chip types besides NAND (new adaptor and software upgrade included).
  4. Add possibility to recover data from encrypted flash devices, such as SanDisk Flash.
  5. Add more parameter setting possibilities for manual mode recovery to deal with the complicated cases.

Support List of Flash Data Recovery Doctor

Supported Controllers

In Flash Data Recovery doctor package we have built in a universal algorithm which enables to recover data from all flash drives with different controllers. The universal algorithm supports ALL controllers used in flash memory cards.

Vendor Controller
All Vendors All Controllers




Supported Flash Chips

Flash Reader in SalvationDATA Flash Data Recovery doctor package reads all microchips of NAAD Flash interface specification.(The list of flash chips is not full because there are many flash chips which use the specificaition supported by the utility that are not listed here.)

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More details about Flash Doctor, please kindly visit our new site:
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