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SalvationDATA extended technical support program – free flash data recovery service

SalvationDATA flash data recovery tool Flash Doctor adopts unique and advanced procedure in doing flash data recovery. Since we provide all the available variable configuration opportunities to the end users in performing flash data recovery, this tool allows its users to work out flash data recovery from all kinds of NAND flash with any data spread algorithms (both known and unknown) applied. With all the powerful flash data recovery utilities and the flash data recovery analyzing and configuration system, advanced users with experience in data structure analysis will be able to work on all NAND flash data recovery without a limit (advanced users can work like an engineer with Flash Doctor flash data recovery utilities to work out the algorithm of the controller all by himself); but for most of the flash data recovery beginners, they are in lack of flash data recovery experience and knowledge to make use of this powerful flash data recovery tool. It is always the top priority of SalvationDATA to “help the customers to get the right flash data recovery tool, and most important, to use the flash data recovery tool right”. In order to help users to get to use the Flash Doctor flash data recovery tool in a quick and good manner, our technical support team keeps providing real flash data recovery case studies based on different flash data recovery situations and provide online flash data recovery assistance and trainings, our flash data recovery engineers release easy-to-understand flash data recovery tutorials from time to time; all these have been carried out as a long term policy in order to help the users to finally learn and know how to use the Flash Doctor to carry out flash data recovery by their own.

And now, SalvationDATA provides a free value-added program to its flash data recovery tool customers, which extends its technical support service for the flash data recovery tool to help the users of Flash Doctor to provide quality flash data recovery service to their clients in a timely manner, even right after they purchased this flash data recovery product.

Before launching this program, the only way to have a SalvationDATA flash data recovery engineer to work on your flash data recovery case is to contact an online SalvationDATA flash data recovery engineer for remote flash data recovery assistance. There are lots of advantages for the users to acquire directly help from our flash data recovery engineer via remote flash data recovery assistance, but there is one huge disadvantage which makes it difficult for the customers to receive flash data recovery assistance: the time difference between SalvationDATA and its flash data recovery tool customers, most of the customers can’t access to an online flash data recovery engineer during their working hours for flash data recovery.

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