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Now it is the era surrounded by data. Our world is nearly inseparable from data transfer and data processing.

As the capacity of data storage medium grows rapidly, the proportion of data loss raises correspondingly. Such as virus, mistaken operation, format, failed hard drive and so on, all these may cause data loss. Particular data is important and vital to some person / company / institution…. for example, financial statistics, confidential technologic documents, and production data and etc. They are willing to pay as long as the data can be retrieved and rescued, no matter what cost would they invest. However, we know that the data recovery experts are limited. So we can imagine how large the Data Recovery Training market is.

Why File Extractor can be used as the teaching material in the data recovery training school?

File Extractor is not only a disk image tool; it is a data recovery tool


---File Extractor can access undetected drive, read partitions and files out of bad sectors, rebuild damaged or lost system.

File Extractor is designed to work on HDDs with severe bad sector problem and clicking sound. It can show you the partitions and files directly before you do anything, and you can recover just the files you need only without a total disk to disk image. File Extractor uses its pioneered ShadowDisk Technology to avoid repeated read towards the source drive, there will be no second read carried out to the sector of the source drive which has been read successfully.

File Extractor Highlights
1. File Extractor runs under Windows operation system.
You don't need to input difficult command to implement one function.
2. Easy Operation
All menu bar and buttons of SalvationDATA product are clear at a glance, you won't be lost in the labyrinth options.
3. An Easy-to-use set with intelligent language support software included
It allows the translation from the interface language to the user's mother language (all languages supported by Windows OS, like French, Spanish, Japanese, etc.), thus no worries and upsets of language problems.
With the teacher's tutorial, the beginners can be familiar with File Extractor in short time, thus the beginner enter the data recovery field easier.

File Extractor is the most suitable teaching aid of Training School on Data Security.

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