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Home > Products > Solution of File Extractor for Small and middle-sized IT after Sale Department

What Can Be the Core Solution for Small and middle-sized IT after Sale Department?

The accurate answer is: Cost control and Service Improvement!

Currently, we are encountering a situation that the Data in the disks is much more costly and important than the disks themselves. The after sale market of IT industry has faced a great new opportunity about the data security. Besides, with the increased specialization, many enterprises and computer manufacturers outsource their IT business to professional Small and middle-sized IT after Sale departments or invest to seek long-term cooperation relationship with these departments.

However, most of the Small and middle-sized IT after Sale departments are not that professional and can only see chances passing by without doing anything. Because most of them face the following same embarrassing scene:

Pay a Lot to Set Up a Professional Technique Team
According to incomplete statistics, the after sale departments need to pay over USD200, 000.00 to set up a complete traditional data recovery system which is difficult to duplicate. Furthermore, this kind of system requires the engineers to be very professional and cost much time to be completed. The investor has to face the risk of turnover as well.

Operate a Passive Business Model--Waiting for the Customer
No business can be prosperous until you find a positive way to capture the customers. In the traditional data recovery market, the customers are required to visit the repair shop in person with their patient products. In this way, the provider will undoubtedly lose more customers while customers may not find the real professional to solve their problems. Also you will encounter with a passive reflect to the market demand.

Lose Customer or Cut Down the Profit
Once customer brought a failed hard drive which even can't be detected or hard drive which has defects in SA, are you feeling helpless and frustrated as you are still using FinalData or EasyRecovery to recover data from this drive? And finally disappointedly introduce them to other professional data recovery company.

File Extractor is now Your Solution to minimize the Cost and Survive the Competition!

1. Low Cost but Powerful Data Recovery Functions Enables You a Wider Range of Market
Compared with the traditional data recovery system, File minimizes all the possible risks of cost and uncertainty. It makes all the middle and small sized after sale departments and even data recovery individuals able to survive and earn the same or better profit as other providers with more expensive tools.

Meanwhile, File Extractor has a number of patented technologies handling malfunctions like partition loss, accidental format, firmware corruption, much bad sectors, head instability, etc. With File Extractor, the after sale departments no longer need to pay a large sum of money to a third data recovery company and undertake the in-house data recovery by themselves. Especially to big-scale after sale service providers, they can digest a big bunch of orders by minimizing the possibility of help from professional data recovery companies and therefore win great benefit.

2.  The Portable USB Design of File Extractor Will Bring more Projects for Small and middle-sized IT after Sale Departments.
Time, security and quality are the first three important factors that most companies, governments, military-industrial and privacy involved companies will take into consideration when they are seeking data recovery solutions. At this time, the professional Small and middle-sized IT after Sale service departments are their first choices. With one File Extractor plus One Notebook, the professional can easily provide door-to-door and customized services no matter the place, the time and the environment. The most important is that you can communicate with the customers, learn about their needs and establish good relationship with customers for further business opportunities.

3.  File Extractor provides an Overall Comprehensive, Systematic and Complete Solutions.
These Overall Comprehensive, Systematic and Complete Solutions can guarantee a high efficiency, and good sustainability of all the operations among the technical services team of after-sales Service Company, avoiding profit losses caused by the loss of personnel.

  1. High Efficiency:
    It has been tested that File Extractor can recover 30-50% more data from patient drives compared with other existing tools with less 10% time of before. This improves the efficiency of the whole team and impresses the customers with good quality and good service, therefore wins more new customers and favorable profit.
  2. Good Sustainability
    The easy to sue feature of File Extractor enables the in-house data recovery center a strong replicability and ease of deployment; any of the IT employees will be capable of using this tool to provide data recovery service by giving a short training; there is no more worry about the turnover of employees.
    The value-added trainings and tech support project availability enhance the data recovery capability of your in-house data recovery center, making it responsible on demand.

File Extractor is going to be better and stay ahead of the data recovery trend. The perspective of IT after sales service system from the sole to comprehensive change is relied on File Extractor.

Go ahead and join the new era. It is the mission of File Extractor!

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