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Data Copy King pruchasing tips

1---DCK for Data Recovery companies 2---DCK for IT data centers
 DCK can support IDE, SATA and USB interfaces of all brand hard drives in the market, such as WD, Seagate and Toshiba etc. Super-read function can copy data from bad sectors even severely damaged ones. Built-in protection can help you protect source data from further damage. With the data copy speed up to 7GB/min, it makes your data recovery jobs easier and more efficient to survive in DR business competition. DCK has data backup and data erasing hardware for data security of IT networking, research center, data center and those who work in data recovery business. DCK has integrated smart hard drive test function. It is able to detect the PCB by the build-in power management module, the firmware area by ATA commands and the bad sector situation by the bad sector graph. It is good for those who start data recovery business and help them find the real reason.
3---DCK for Forensics 4---DCK for Government
DCK is the fastest forensic image tool, 100% protecting source data and wiping data permanently. That can greatly keep the data of source disk from further loss. DCK will reset or reboot drives automatically if it gets stuck, so you don't need to stand around and wait for the system to reboot. For forensics, DCK is truly a more high-efficient product. With the data copy speed up to 7GB/min, DCK can shorten the periods of data backup, prevent hard drives from data loss and cut down the cost of data backup while keeping data secure. Besides, DCK is portable so it can ensure the data security department can work with other department in real time.
5---DCK for Education 6---DCK for PC Repair Shop
DCK is a good data copy and wipe tool for education institutions’ DR laboratory. It can help you backup your confidential documents at 7G/min, wipe data if hard drives corrupt at 8G/min. It is especially designed for TB-level hard drives supporting up to 131072TB and no restriction of brand and model. Besides, DCK has read-only function which can protect source disk during data copy and wipe.

DCK supports TB-level hard drives and the maximum capacity is 131072TB. So repair shops will not worry about their clients’ HD capacity. Fast data copy and wipe speed can help you save more time and do more things at the same time. DCK can handle a hard drive with same capacity in 45 minutes, which will improve the efficiency. In addition, DCK is portable, so you can add door-to-door service in your business.

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