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Highlights of Data Compass

  • Comprehensive support. Data Compass works on all drives of different manufacturers with PATA and SATA interfaces. Including 3.5", 2.5", 1.8", etc..

    ** The original interface built in Data Compass is 3.5" PATA, drives with other types of interaces are to be connected to Data Compass via adapters provided.
  • With optimized algorithm and read protocol, Data Compass is able to retrieve bad sectors that are partially corrupted and cannot be cloned/ imaged by other tools available, preventing the read attempt from being stuck and unresponsive.
  • Auto soft reset, auto hard reset and auto power reset, totally three kinds of methods are used to automatically reset/reboot drives that become unresponsive due to media scratch in continue imaging process, so you don't need to stand around watching and waiting for the entire system to be rebooted.
  • Bypassing BIOS or OS which prevents you from accessing corrupted data, Data Compass gives you access to all available data, good and bad. Also you can define to read user data only or specific files.
  • Pioneered Disk Image Technique - ShadowDisk, which images the sector physically from the defective drive to a functioning drive at the same time as the sector is being requested automatically. So that each sector being requested will first be imaged to a good drive, and then the read/write request will be directed to the image disk. You don't need to spend lots of time to create an image, but actually you are working on an image.
  • Data Compass adopts UDMA100 transmit protocol to reduce the time it takes to image a disk with bad sectors, which is at least 30% faster than any other imaging tools available elsewhere.
  • Aiming at those drives which have media defects in the SA, which is being undetected in the BIOS (so far no tool in the world can fix this kind of problem), Data Compass bypasses the SA boot failure, and then by reading only the key modules such as P-List from the SA to access the user data area directly for data recovery.

    ** This Service Area Emulation Option now works on Hitachi family drives with ATA and SATA interfaces only, free upgrade that enables this function to work on other manufacturers will be released in the near future.
  • Based on your need and the drive condition, you can define in the software the access mode of the Data Compass: You can optimize the read performance to image with care and intelligence, using as few passes as possible to get the most data; or you can optimize the read speed to image with fast skip to save time.
  • Stop and continue imaging as needed - configuration information together with the map of good/bad/unprocessed sectors are saved on the destination drive, so whenever you stop you will have the read permit to each imaged sector. Shadow Disk will also record each sector you successfully read from the source drive during the imaging process. There is no way you would lose what you've done.
  • Real-time monitor, buzzer and LEDs give you a clear feedback of the current imaging.
  • Open Frame design enables you to define any kind of file system recovery software you are familiar with to work with Data Compass, making your work much easier and more efficient, especially for those professionals who have been doing file system recovery for many years and have their own favorite software.
  • We give total control over imaging parameters: passes scripts configuration, read timeouts, retry attempts, bad sector retrieval (Error Correction Code (ECC) processing), selectable read commands (PIO or UDMA), and error-dependent imaging algorithm based on UNC/AMNF/IDNF/ABRT bad sectors or read/ready timeouts.
  • Smart pass feature: after a bad sector skip carried out by the software, instead of reading forward directly,, the software reads backward until another bad sector is found. This enables that you get the most user data by exactly skip the bad media only.

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