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Technology Overview

We stand alone in our focus on developing the "perfect data recovery solutions," defined by co-founder XiaoNing Liang as something that "satisfies different needs from different layers, keep progressing". To that end, we have persistently pursued innovation and refused to accept the limitations of existing models. As a result, we put forward our broad sense of data recovery concept and developed our breakthrough ShadowDisk and Analog technology which changed the approach and depth data recoveries are conducted.

From the beginning, our developers recognized that in order to make data recovery simpler and more flexible, but meanwhile maintain the professional depth, we absolutely need an all round improvement towards the tools applied. While other tools were designed to be installed on unwieldy desktops to special interfaces and can't be reinstalled to another computer, which leads to a losing of portability and adaptability, making the on-site data recovery infeasible. However, we apply the universally used USB interface to our external PnP hardware's installation. This innovation paid off in much more simplicity and flexibility, greater scalability and lower cost. It's an idea that others have since copied, while we have continued to refine our back-end technology to make it even more efficient.

The software behind our data recovery technology integrates a series of operations into smart "one-click" function buttons according to trim size of your case; it costs you a second to conduct a complicated flow when you need numberless configurations in different menus without SalvationDATA. Traditional tools require the user must be familiar with each detailed operation of each working flow, costing much more time, efforts and risks of error.

  • Analog™ Technology: Feel that too difficult to conduct firmware repair? Or you have come across media defects in the SA (so far no tool in the world can fix this kind of problem)? AnalogT enables us to directly generate key information for booting drive in RAM; therefore, users can initialize the drive and access data area independent of the drive SA. We can disable the read attempt to the damaged SA and access the data directly, no need to try hard to find suitable firmware donor.
  • DBER Dynamic Balancing Enhanced Reading Technology: This easily helps you to extract data from partially damaged bad sectors which can't be copied/ imaged by other tools. Experiments have proved that you will have 30% more data recovery and file opening success rate using DC, compared with other image devices.
  • ShadowDisk™ Technology: It images every sector of the source drive you read to an external shadow disk, any following read request towards those "read" sectors will be directly transferred to the corresponding sectors on the shadow disk; which means each sector of the source drive will experience one read operation during the whole process. ShadowDiskT technology ensures the minimum read towards the source drive; therefore effectively avoid further damage to the media and head, helps you to get rid of the situation before ShadowDiskT Technology: that's the head stack collapses halfway of the disk image and gives clicking sound.

Our innovations don't stop at the data recovery industry. To give people access to the most optimized solutions for different industrial needs, we continue to develop a series of solutions based on our broad sense of data recovery concept, which provide professional help and assistance to users include governmental departments/ organizations, computer forensics, research centers, universities, IT industry and even new comers who are eager to step into data recovery industry.

Life of a SalvationDATA Broad Sense Data Recovery ( SalvationDATA 3+1 Approach)

The life span of a broad sense data recovery consists of a series of stages based upon different conditions in different cases.SalvationDATA Broad Sense of Data Recovery - a flow consists of 3+1 aspects for professional data recovery. According to different needs of tools in these 3+1 stages, we have developed all round solutions consist of manufacturer-level tools, in-depth trainings & materials and tech-support services.

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