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Suggestions Overview

Customer suggestion is the most important power for our improvements in providing the best data recovery tools and data recovery support.. We will always do our best in providing what the customers need to keep improving our data recovery tools, just because we understand that nothing can be perfect and the importance of advices come from our customers, who use the data recovery tools every day and know better than us what the users need. To make the communication between us and the users better, we designed this page for the users to supervise our reactions to their suggestions in our data recovery tools and our support; also users can submit new problem and/or suggestion using the prepared form below, where their suggestions go directly to the R&D.

All suggestions:


If you have any suggestion or anything you want to let SalvationDATA know,please kindly click the botton below!Your suggetion will be highly appreciated and taken into consideration.

Submit Suggestions!
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