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New SalvationDATA, See SalvationDATA with your growing wisdom.
New SalvationDATA tools, Enjoy SalvationDATA tools with higher data recovery success rate.
New SalvationDATA people, Serve SalvationDATA customers more professionally and considerately.

It has been 10 years since SalvationDATA entered data recovery field and started to create data recovery tools. SalvationDATA has aimed high and worked very hard and has now grown to be one leading manufacturer in the world for equipment of data recovery, computer forensics, HDD repair, data backup, data wiping and other data security solutions from hard drives, flash drives, SSD, RAIDs, cell phones and other storage devices.
Customer success is the key factor when developing SalvationDATA data recovery tools

data recovery tools ‘Customer Success’ is not a simple phrase but the longest sentence in the world   you should read whole-heartedly with your life and passion. SalvationDATA has deeply understood this ‘secret’ of business and manufactured data recovery tools with features of being simple to use, being powerful to solve data recovery failures, being automate to improve your efficiency and being attractive to pay for itself and pay back for your business! SalvationDATA data recovery tools are more for data recovery businesses who require a fast return of investment, those who are new to data recovery business and those who don’t have much IT technology background, such as customers from the IT companies, government and military agencies.

SalvationDATA CPP Data Recovery System

SalvationDATA CPP Data Recovery System is specially worked out for those who are new to SalvationDATA and start data recovery business.

It explains in details what you should prepare before starting data recovery business, how you should invest in the right data recovery tools and have a fast return of investment,how to save cost when purchasing the data recovery tools and how to use SalvationDATA data recovery tools to its best status with the engineers’ support.

Besides, you can calculate two critical packages we suggest for new SalvationDATA customers on how these packages pay for themselves and pay back your business. See the results now with SalvationDATA data recovery business calculator here.

SalvationDATA helps both when you start and run your data recovery business. Please read details here.

data recovery tools
SalvationDATA Product Portfolio
data recovery tools
SalvationDATA started by our current CEO-Mr. XiaoNing Liang and Mr. Hengwang Fan with some simple DOS version of logical data recovery software performing simple diagnosis and repairs of hard drives and we have only a few customers in the local market. 5 years ago, we started the marketing of our data recovery software to foreign market and we have the pleasure to have some customers due to the cost-effective data recovery solutions and at the same time, we began to research and develop data recovery hardware solutions; 3 years ago, SD developed very fast and had our own data recovery hardware-HD HPE PRO and HD Doctor Suite and in recent three years, SalvationDATA has grown to be one famous data recovery tools manufacturer with over 60 hard-working staffs and we have created new HD Doctors, Data Compass, Flash Doctor, Data Copy King, File Extractor and our to-be-released USB write blocker. Our cell phone data recovery hardware is also in the process of being developed and manufactured. And now we own our core data recovery technologies and the most comprehensive data recovery tools and solutions and we have thousands of customers, resellers and data recovery training centers worldwide. Please read our product list in details here.

data recovery tools
If you ask us, what’s the position of SalvationDATA data recovery tools or are SalvationDATA data recovery tools the best in data recovery market? We can tell you ‘SalvationDATA data recovery tools are the most cost-effective’ data recovery hardware solutions.

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