SalvationDATA’s mission is to develop harddrive restoration and data recovery technologies continuously and turn the world’s top technologies into solutions to let data recovery practitioners benefit from it.

As a first step to fulfilling that mission, SalvationDATA’s founders Liang XiaoNing and Fan HengWang developed a new approach to data recovery that took root in a CAS small lab and quickly spread to data recovery practitioners around the globe. SalvationDATA is now widely recognized as expected.

SalvationDATA provide the all-round data recovery conception and data recovery

Trainings, demos, data recovery knowledge contests… SalvationDATA’ s resellers and partners from worldwide actively participate fair/expo to demo our data recovery tools and organized kinds of activities allowing data recovery professionals as well as amateurs to have a better understanding of our data recovery tools meanwhile learning more data recovery knowledge. More activities will be unfold in near future, keep informed and join us.

·SalvationDATA to Establish Strategic Cooperation                        2009-2-10
·"Hand In Hand"                                                                                     2009-12-11
·The Second Seminar on Data Recovery will soon                          2010-2-21
·SD-NSS DC business tie-up information on NSS website.            2010-5-28
·SalvationDATA Training in India in September Launched           2009-9-4
·SalvationDATA Asia & Oceania Regional Training                        2009-7-24
·Christmas Promotion for SalvationDATA                                         2009-7-21
·   Data Compass Presentation 30 Sept. in UK                                                                                                            2008-9-20
·   Data Compass Demonstration 10th December in Italy                                                                                        2008-12-1
·   Christmas Promotion for SalvationDATA European and African Market                                                           2008-12-4
·   Authorized Italian and Spanish Training Institution and Support Center in Italy                                         2009-2-10
·   Italian Data Recovery Training Will Be Held from 9th to 12th March in Pordenone, Italy                            2009-2-27
·   The First Italian Data Recovery Training Has Come to a Successful Conclusion                                           2009-3-17
·  Training events in May in Italy                                                                                                                                  2009-5-12
·   SalvationDATA Worldwide Free Data Recovery Training Tour                                                                            2009-5-27
·   Free Data Recovery Training for Europe Market                                                                                                   2009-7-14
·   Free Flash Doctor Introductory Event on the 2nd October at CSL offices in Manchester, U.K.                      2009-9-10
·   Flash Doctor Data Recovery Tool Launch Event Successfully hold in U.K                                                        2009-10-15
·   Forensic People Becomes Authorized Partner of SalvationDATA Technology, LLC in Turkey                        2010-2-23
·   SalvationDATA Data Recovery Tools Will Be Demonstrated in CeBIT 2010 Soon                                           2010-2-23
·   News from CeBIT 2010 about SalvationDATA Data Recovery Tools                                                                   2010-3-5
·   SalvationDATA Data Recovery Tools Demonstration Meets Its Successful End in CeBIT 2010                   2010-3-22
·   SalvationDATA Data Recovery Tools Will Be Demonstrated Soon in Turkey EuroForensics Conference    2010-3-23
·   OnRetrieval Signed Strategic Cooperation Contract with SalvationDATA in Spain                                       2010-4-13
·   Three WD HDD Repair Tools was Awarded to WD HDD Knowledge Participator in Egypt                          2010-5-13
·   Turkey EuroForensics Conference                                                                                                                         2010-5-14

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·Data Compass Demo                                    2009-1-20
·Data Compass Demo                                    2009-2-17
·Data Compass Trial out                                    2009-2-24
·DC/HD Doctor Suite Demo                                    2009-5-5
·DC/HD Doctor Suite Demo                                    2009-5-19
·DC/HD Doctor Suite Demo                                    2009-6-16
·DC/HD HPE PRO/HD Doctor Suite Demo                                    2009-7-28
·DC Training                                    2010-1-8
·Full package tools demo                                    2010-5-10
·Full package tools demo                                    2010-5-18