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SalvationDATA offers you not only professional data recovery tools to start data recovery business, but what’s more important offers you the way how to survive in the data recovery business and succeed. Our CPP system enables you one worry-free data recovery investment with SalvationDATA!

Part of Distribution of Global Customers

Treat People As Customers Before They Are Our Customers

1: Help people to work out one smart data recovery business budget!
People don’t always need to invest in all our tools to start your data recovery business. The three factors to consider: Your competitors, Your Customers, Yourself. Free consultation for details please email to info{at}

2: Calculate the ROI
ROI calculation is very important before you start your data recovery business or adopt some new tools. We help you there for free! Contact us now!

Business Development

Over 8,000 data recovery organizations, companies, government agencies around the world choose SalvationDATA’s products as their data security protection solution.


Look No Further Than SalvationDATA One Stop Data Recovery Supplier

SalvationDATA is one trusted leading brand for its comprehensive data recovery tools, data recovery services and data recovery training! You will find a long support list included here: Hard drives of IDE, SATA, SCSI, SAS; flash drives with both TSOP chips and BGA chips; laptops, desktops, servers, cameras, SD, CF, MMC, cell phone and skynet video monitoring system; logical data recovery cases, firmware repair and recovery cases, physical data recovery cases, etc.

SalvationDATA worldwide data recovery training centers and distributors are available at your convenience for purchase and support.

SalvationDATA provides you with 100% Data Security Solution

Most cost-effective and no hidden cost

1: The most competitive and affordable prices;
2: Free shipping worldwide;
3: Free technique support within office hours;
4: Free firmware donors and continuous uploading;
5:.Free marketing support;
6: Free software upgrade within the first year and extra free upgrade is available by a closer cooperation;

Listen to the customers, Follow the market

Always stay ahead of your competitors with SalvationDATA, select our tools and you get extra strong partnership with us for success.


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